Restoration Service
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All Restoration services require your core for restoration. If you do not not have a core, one can be supplied in some cases at additional cost. You can also ask us to find and supply orginal items for restoration work.

Heater/AC Control Assembly


The assembly is dismantled and fully restored. Every nut, bolt and plate, stripped and media blasted, face plate repainted, dial markers redone, lens restored or replaced where required.

Internal plates under face stripped and sprayed satin black as original.

The face bezel will be complete stripped, polished and painted in correct matching GM satin black finish.

Actuator pulleys, strings, and thumb wheels and switches redone.

All the climate control port rotary switches, heater control & A/C Compressor switches and the heater blower motor switch where applicable, will be cleaned and reinstalled.

Re-assembled bench tested and ready to install.

68-76 Console Plate

$335 AUD

All Console Plates will be stripped, cleaned, polished and resprayed.

Finished colour will match the original GM satin black.

Edges will be exposed to reveal chrome edges and lettering.

Where needed new GM restoration parts will be used to restore the unit back to showroom condition. This may include shift lenses or plates, shift sliders, boots, ashtray slide seals etc.

All parts required are at an additional cost to the restoration price but will be quoted in advance of commencing or agreeing on the job by either party.

69-76 A/C Wiper Bezel

$325 AUD

The assembly will be stripped, cleaned, polished and resprayed.

Lettering will be exposed to reveal chrome.

Brand New chrome center vent deflectors will be installed.

New Vent Seals

Lens and Backing plates redone where applicable

Lamp Holder stripped and resprayed correct GM blue.

Switch will be cleaned and bench tested

69-76 Wiper Bezel

$295 AUD

The assembly will be stripped, cleaned, polished and resprayed.

Lettering will be exposed to reveal chrome.

Switches will be cleaned and bench tested where supplied.

New switches and switch knobs can be applied at extra cost

Center Gauge Bezel

$310 AUD

The Bezel is stripped, cleaned, polished, and resprayed.

Chrome edging and Radio Chrome Lettering re-exposed.

A New Gauge Lens can be supplied at an extra cost of  $29.50.

Note The above price does not include restoration of the Gauges and Cluster housing for the gauges. This can be done at further cost, and combined with my other service

Gauge Bezels

$210 AUD

Gauge Bezels are fully Stripped, Polished and resprayed GM satin Black. Edges Exposed. Will look Better than New.

Price includes two of your supplied bezels restored.

Gauges, Clock Speedometers and Tachometers

Clock Restoration

From $140 AUD

Repair and/or restoration of your C2 and C3 corvette clock assembly movement. You will need to send us your clock to perform the service.



Call us to discuss and arrange.

Tachometer and Speedometers

$195 Ea AUD

Tachometer and Speedometer Gauges Restored. New Faces and pointers redone, Bench tested.

Any Parts are at additional Cost. Job will be quoted once the units have been inspected.

Gauge Cluster Restoration

$295 AUD

Gauge faces and points redone,  gauges Bench Tested.

Gauge retainers media blasted and restored with original GM paint colours

New Lenses  supplied at additional cost if needed.

Send  us photos of your unit for an accurate quote.


Just received the heater control unit and it is immaculate!

- Primoz Krajcar, Slovenia

I had my entire 71 corvette interior restored by Glen and I can’t speak more highly of the quality of finish. All parts are better than new and can’t be faulted. Would definitely recommend if you want a flawless finish

- Justin Grant, Queensland

Quality work I can't find in the U.S.

- Harold Weingarten, USA


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