97-04 LMC5 Module Bypass Kit (#LMC5)


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*Steering column lock bypass kit for all 1997-2004 Corvettes
*This Bypass will eliminate the problem with the steering wheel locking up
*The kit includes instructions and everything you need to install.
*Purchase now and avoid being stranded.

The LMC5 is a device that interfaces with the Body Control Module (BCM) in every 1997-2004 Corvette. The LMC5 simulates the entire steering column lock subsystem in a small, rugged, and easily installed package. By supplying the necessary signals to enable the BCM to allow the car to properly function, the fault-prone steering column lock system is completely bypassed. The LMC5 is easily and quickly attached directly to the BCM, in a nearly tool-less procedure that requires absolutely no disassembly of any significant vehicle parts. The minimum recommended tools are: a 5/16” wrench, a 1/4″ wrench, and the supplied terminal removal tool.


The LMC5 can be installed and will work if the car has never had any recall work done. The LMC5 will also work with ANY or ALL of the factory recalls. The LMC5 will even work with any other bypass type device installed. And, NONE of the recall changes or other devices even need to be removed! The driver’s side knee bolster doesn’t need to be touched. The fuel shut-off speed does NOT need to be reprogrammed. You also don’t need to waste even one minute tracking down what part of the steering lock system failed. Simply install the LMC5, and EVERY column lock problem (other than a very rare BCM failure) will be gone! The entire installation is performed in the passenger foot well area, and only a carpeted panel needs to be moved out of the way by hand. Installation typically takes less than 20 minutes.


Perhaps most importantly, the LMC5 can be installed even if the SERVICE COLUMN LOCK, or PULL KEY, WAIT 10 SECONDS messages are displayed, the fuel shuts off at 2 MPH, or the steering wheel is currently locked! If the steering wheel locks, simply follow the unlock procedure available with the separate LMC5 Unlocker.

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